Football Underdog Betting

In football betting the bookmakers will lay the spread trying to get even money wagered on the game. This is why the favorite is always getting points, as the betting public tends to bet on the favorite, so the books have to post a spread making it more attractive to bet on the underdog. When you take part in football underdog betting it can be more of a gamble since the underdog is not supposed to win, but you are getting points. And there are dedicated sites like the bookies at that allow betting on lesser-known European leagues. It is up to you to study the players and teams to come up with a winning wager. So if you are up for a challenge, you should try out this site.

In using the football point spread the favorite will be giving points and the underdog will be getting them. OK, so you should know the spread, but in betting underdogs you can get an edge. The reason is not because you are getting points, but also because the bookmakers, often times, inflate the spread more than it should be since the public likes to bet the favorite. So you can take advantage of this.

One of the best bets that you can make is betting on the home underdog. This goes for the NFL, but it especially goes for the college game. Teams get fired up for their home fans and will play better because of it. For college this is really a fact, as how many times have you seen the fins rush the field at home when their team takes down a ranked opponent? When you handicap a football game you first have to look at the spread and if it is a good one. Let's say the New England Patriots are playing the woeful Cleveland Browns in Cleveland. The bookmakers will know most people will bet on the Patriots, so New England will have a big spread to cover and on the road no less.

The underdog is a good bet to take if you think the game will be a close one. If a game will be close than you should take the points instead of giving them with the favorite. Even if bookmakers lay a close spread, such as 2,3, or 4 points it means the favorite is not a big one. Jump on this if you think the game will be a close one and you will be getting points! Going further if you see a slight underdog that you think will win bet the monyeline in order to get a better payout.