Football Side Bets

Football side bets are big in the NFL and the more popular the game the more side bets there will be. So, obviously the Super Bowl is the game that will have the most side bets available. There are many bettors that will wager on things that are realistic having to do with the game itself, such as which QB will throw for the most yards, will there be a safety in the game, and will the RB from one of the team's score a rushing TD in the game. With the rising popularity of the proposition bet there are now many of them that are crazy and really have nothing to do with the game itself.

Now People who watch the Super Bowl can now bet on such things as will a singer pass 3 minutes singing the national anthem, will the coin flip for the opening of the game be heads or tails, and will the team that the president chose to win the game win. You can check out all the sportsbooks and see all the crazy proposition bets that are available during the Super Bowl and believe me there are tons of them.

In looking at least season's Super Bowl one of the most reputable online sportsbooks had Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech? Sports bettors had the chance to wager on this with the odds being: teammates (1/1), God (3/1), the fans (11/2), the opposing team (10/1), family (12/1), his coach (14/1), or his team's owner (25/1). None of the above actually had odds posted as well at 9/2. From straight bets to game bets to crazy one such as the proposition bet you can be sure that for bigger games there will be tons of football side bets that you can get some action on.